Golden Field - CNG Cylinders Producing in Armenia

Quality control
Quality control of the production

1. Entering control of the tubes according to the certificates of the supplier & by the demands of the standards.

2. Checing of the blanks according to geometric parameters about absence of mechanical damage & product defects.

3. Quality regular control, joint rates are checked by the continuous ultrasonic defects occasional joint research of metallografic cut bottoms.

4. Regular testing & control geometric parameters of the machined thread.

5. Continuous monitoring parameters of the machined thread by control calibers.

6. Regular monitoring of hardness of the cylinders by hardness testing machine.

7. Regular checking the parameters &the quality of marking process visually.

8. The fining quality & the absence of defects are regularly checked by the inspection from the outside & the inside.

9. The quality of conservation & packing are regularly checked.