Golden Field - CNG Cylinders Producing in Armenia

Аn Armenian-Iraqi business forum and "Armenian export products" exhibition was held оn November 6-7, 2013 in Yerevan, which was organized by Ministry of Economy of RA, Industrial Development Foundation and Armenian Development Agency. “Golden Field” LLC also took part at the exhibition-business forum.
In the frame of "Armenian export products" exhibition, Armenian and Iraq officials, visitors were acquainted with the activity and product of the company.

The International Bureau of Intellectual Property issued the “Cylinder-Making Apparatus” (spinning machine GM 200-400) application for its website on September 19 :

The company "Golden Field" October 6, 2012 took part in the city of Rostov-on-Don in the regional conference "The use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel," organized by "Rusbusinessauto."
Conference participants were provided full information on the activities of the company "Golden Field" in the sphere of production of high-pressure gas cylinders for different types of vehicles.
It was also noted that the dynamic growth of Russian market in the field of motor fuel in future may open up new prospects for broader and more intensive development with Russian companies.

September 4-6 in Moscow, capital of Russia, GasSuf-2012 gas industry exhibition took place, which was attended by a number of Western European and Asian countries. The representative from Armenia was “Golden Field’ LLC.
The organizers of the exhibition together with the major companies of gas industry of Russian Federation, presented the latest modern technologies and new achievements in this field.
"Golden Field" presented all its products, as well as studies of new technologies, which make the production of high-pressure metal cylinders more efficient( photos).

April 21-22, 2012, in Tbilisi, capital of Republic of Georgia BRIDGE EXPO-2012 COMMERCIAL and industrial exhibition was held, the major objective of which was to create economic cooperation between Armenia and Georgia.
Opening of the exhibition was attended by Deputy Minister of Economy of RA Tigran Harutyunyan and Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Georgia Michael Janelidze.
Along with 33 other Armenian companies, “Golden Field” LLC took part in BRIDGE EXPO-2012 exhibition.
"Golden Field" company's booth was visited by representatives of the business circles of Georgia, individual entrepreneurs, and many citizens.
During the exhibition, Georgian visitors were introduced to photos and videos representing "Golden Field" LLC.
New business relations were formed as a result of private meetings( photos).

The International Universal Exhibition took place in Karen Demirchyan Sport Complex in Yerevan from the 29th of September up to 2nd of October. The exhibition was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenia's independence. ,,Golden Field,, LLC also participated in the works of the exhibition & their presented by its production high – pressure gas cylinders.
Native production of this product is great interest not only among local mining industrialists, but also wide public resonance from our countrymen and foreigners who visited the exhibition.
The leading specialists from the plant also participated in the exhibition. They were explaining the producing process as well as product safety guarantees to the visitors of the exhibition( photos).

On the 24th-26th of July in Iran Islamic Republic in Teheran took place International 14th conference .Golden Field LLC from Armenia also participated in the exhibition. The representative of the company in Iran Yervand Tahmazyan was presenting the production of the plant of high pressure gas cylinders in the exhibition. During the exhibition conference were present a number of countries from Middle & Near East. The Armenian delegation had opportunity not only to present his production but also make new contacts form other countries, which would give chance in future to open new markets for the company( photos).

Human resources develop the economy & not the market. Golden Field LLC has chosen this unwritten slogan for its future development. In July of this year 4th course 11 students of SEUA , machinery department, passed their industrial practice in the company. They also attended to the plant of producing gas cylinders in Hrazdan . The ex & present professors of this University with the head of the company, who was in the teaching staff of it are interested in the development of machinery science in our country & in the company too transfer their experience to young students.

Company is a member of the National Gas Association of the Russian Federation, from June 2011 (affirmed 07.06.2011, No876).

On 22 and 24 October of 2010, the company participated in an international general first exhibition ,,Armenia as Your Partner,,, taking place in the sports complex named after K. Demirchyan.
Was held by the Government of Armenia and the Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, organized by the ,, Prom Expo,,( photos).