Golden Field - CNG Cylinders Producing in Armenia

,,Golden Field,, LLC, its activities during the time following an international technology development and manufacturing capabilities to complement its new technologies, the company is trying to stimulate its domestic machinery to ensure the development of domestic production growth in this area.

,,Golden Field,, LLC during its activities always follows to the international technological development & its manufacturing capabilities replenish with new technological investment. The company tries to give a stimulation to its domestic machinery from the date of its creation & to ensure the progress of domestic production in this field.

The company`s most important issues for future in perspective are scientific educational qualification of international standards. The ,,Golden Field,, LLC has signed a contract with SEUA(former Politechnic Institute) of following faculties: ,,Machinery,, & ,,Mining & Metallurgy,,. Departments: ,,Production of Machinery Technology & Equipments,, as well as,, Machinery Automation & Complex Mechanization,, also ,,Metallurgy & Materials Science,,.

The cooperation pursues an effective & long-term perspectives. The promising students, before they graduate the university , their thesis and scientific topics will choose according to appropriate programs of the company. They will pass their thesis & industrial practices in the plant in Hrazdan & in mechanical-engineering workshop in Yerevan. And the best students when studying for master degree can be employed in the engineering-technological department and in other units, plant and mechanical plant. The company will support the students for preparation, publication of articles in the aim of qualifying as well as passing scientific experimentation & getting scientific degrees. The experts and lectures from the world best industrial centers and universities will be invited to share their experience and organize joint scientific conferences. The best students will be sent to study in the leading scientific centers for improving their knowledge as well as getting scientific degrees.