Golden Field - CNG Cylinders Producing in Armenia

«GRANT» LLC is specialized in the production of high pressure gas cylinders & tanks for natural (methane) gas, which are used in stationary & mobile gas stations. As well as the company has started to introduce high-pressure accumulators, gas stations and mobile production units.

The plant producing cylinders in Hrazdan (Armenia) by «GRNT» LLC has started its activity since 2009. The plant produces all-metal cylinders & tanks (type-1, CNG-1) made of hot-rolled seamless pipes (Alloy carbon steel 34CrMo4) by diameters 219, 232, 267, 273, 323, 356, 406 mm & from 650 up to 2000 mm length. The operating pressure for cylinders is 200 bar (20MPa) & the hydraulic test pressure is 300 bar (30MPa). The operating pressure for tanks is 250 bar (25MPa) & hydraulic test pressure is 375 bar (37.5MPa). The cylinders produced by the company has high level of quality, they are certified & conform to International Standards: ISO 11439:2000, EN ISO 9809:2010, ECE R 110.

The company exports its production to the CIS and other countries. The annual capacity of the plant is 60 000 cylinders. Given the growing demand in the CIS countries it is planned to increase the production capacity of the plant up to 120 000 cylinders during 2017-2018.